What’s the Best way to Transfer Money from Abroad?

1 June, 2019

Specialist Currency Brokers can offer the best foreign exchange rates.

If you have just sold your property here in Spain or the sale is nearing Completion you really don´t want to sit back and rely on your bank, as you may find you get a terrible exchange rate that will reduce the amount you receive by hundreds – if not thousands – of your Currency

Using your Bank may seem like the simplest solution but I promise you that using a Currency Exchange Broker will certainly save YOU money…Specialist brokers can offer the best rates.

Banks will deduct between 2% – 3% from the Rate of Exchange on any transfer whereas a Currency Expert will only charge between 0.5% - 1.0% as their commission from the same Rate of Exchange.

This can amount to several thousands of pounds in sterling or indeed any other currency…and it can work both ways for transferring your Currency into Euros for a Purchase in Spain

And don’t be talked into using a broker you have never heard of – particularly when changing significant sums, it is simply not worth the risk. One tip is to send a small sum to the account in your Home Country, and once that has gone through successfully, send the rest.
After having my Real Estate Business - Andalucian Properties, since 2000 we have had a lot of experience with a number of Currency Exchange Agents.

Please send me an email for a personal recommendation – you don´t need to have bought a property through us, it´s just satisfying to know we can help…you never know that in the future you may just want to buy another property and you know we will be pleased to help you again.

tel +34 952927833 or email

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