Warehouse for sale in San Pedro de Alcántara, Marbella, Málaga, Málaga

Property Description

The first warehouse is currently dedicated to the use of MECHANICAL WORKSHOP (Talleres San Pedro). With an area of 350 m².

The second location is currently dedicated to the use of WAREHOUSE. With an area of 106 m².

Urban Possibilities:

As the 2 premises are joined and on the corner of 2 most important streets in the urban area of San Pedro de Alcántara, investors could consider:

Demolishing the current construction and execute a new open-plan building of 350 m² + 106 m² = 456 m².

THESE PLOTS HAVE A SETBACK OF m wide around their perimeter, which would mean a municipal assignment for a sidewalk of (5.80+19.70) x 3m + 14.80x3m = 120.90m².

Therefore, the actual useful buildable area is reduced to: 456.00 m² - 120.90 m² = 335.10 m²

THIS PLOT IS WITHIN THE CONSOLIDATED URBAN HELMET OF SAN PEDRO TYPE M1 + IV, with the possibility of making basements, Plta. Lower + 3 and setback attic floor.

WHICH WOULD MEAN A USEFUL AREA OF NEW CONSTRUCTION OF 4x335.10m² + Recessed Penthouse (approximately 167.55 m²) = 1,340.40 m² + 167.55 m² = 1,507.9 5m² TOTAL USEFUL AREA OF NEW CONSTRUCTION.


  • Condition - Fairly Good
  • Investment Property

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