Gibraltar Attractions and Events

11 August, 2017

Gibraltar is easily accessible from most Costa del Sol towns, and is situated just 75km west of Marbella (just over one hour by car).

The limestone cliffs of Gibraltar are home to many natural caves, including the breath-taking St. Michael´s Grotto which is open to visitors.  It is also well worth taking a trip down the tunnels of the Great Siege, which were used as a defence system in the 18th century, and can still be explored today.

Take a taxi tour of the Rock, or walk all the way up Main Street, past the Governor´s building to the cable car.  The famous Barbary Apes of Gibraltar live around the Rock summit.  Mostly found in the Atlas Mountains of Algeria and Morocco it is thought this distinct breed of ape was introduced to Gibraltar hundreds of years ago, and have flourished ever since.  The animals have become accustomed to tourists on the rock, and will come up close or even leap onto your shoulders when you are least expecting it.

There is also an audio tour available at the top of the Rock which explains the surroundings, the history and the traditions of Gibraltar.  The views from the platform close to the cafeteria are absolutely stunning, and you can see clearly the African coast and the Spanish resorts in the distance.

Gibraltar Beaches

Five beaches surround Gibraltar, including Catalan Bay, Eastern Beach, Camp Bay, Sandy Bay and Little Bay, and water-sports facilities are available in Marina Bay, Sheppard´s Marina and Queensway Quay Marina, where diving, sailing and dolphin-spotting are widely enjoyed.  We recently enjoyed a trip out on the dolphin boat, and saw literally hundreds of dolphins swimming alongside the boat in the Bay.  Apparently they are attracted to this area by the warmer water.

Gibraltar National Day

Gibraltar National Day is a great source of pride to the Gibraltarians and commemorates the first sovereignty referendum in 1967. The first National Day was so successful that the crowds could not fit into John Mackintosh Square. September 10 was then declared a public holiday in Gibraltar.

Celebrations start around 9.30am in Casemates Square and include live music, speeches and the release off thousands of red and white balloons. A spectacular firework display takes place at the end of the event.

Gibraltar Marina

Gibraltar Marina offers a choice of excellent cafés and restaurants to keep visitors entertained, fed and watered.  The Marina casino offers roulette, blackjack, poker and a wide range of other casino games between 8pm and 4am.

If you fancy a few drinks before your meal, have a stroll around Marina Bay or Irish Town, where there are plenty of cafés, bars and British style pubs to keep you refreshed.  Gibraltar offers something for everyone, and is the perfect place to spend a break with the family. 

Temperatures are very similar to the nearby Costa del Sol, so remember to take your sun cream, and more importantly, remember your passport.

Properties for sale in Gibraltar

Properties for sale in Gibraltar include luxurious apartments in Ocean Village, the Sails, Queensway Quay. West One, Imperial Ocean Plaza, Bourne Place, the Arches and Prince Edward’s Gate are prestigious new developments, comprising apartments and penthouses which are now being sold off-plan.

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